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The CPR School provides CPR AED First Aid Safety Training for transportation and shipping companies.  We provide onsite CPR AED First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Training Certification Classes for you and your officers at your Florida location.

From small businesses to large corporations we can help with all of your CPR AED First Aid Safety Training needs.  We believe you can reduce costs and minimize risk exposure while improving employee morale with The CPR School’s Safety Certification Training Programs.  Compare and save.  When you perform a cost benefit analysis, comparing in-house training provided by The CPR School versus sending your staff to an outside training site or using expensive "non-profit" agencies for training you can easily save your organization 25% of your annual safety training budget!

The CPR School will assist you with federal and state OSHA compliance and other safety training requirements.  Safety compliance does not have to be expensive and time consuming – we make safety affordable and won’t waste your time.  The CPR School’s employee health and safety training programs are designed to provide your business with everything necessary for Safety Training and Compliance.  On site training courses anywhere in the state of Florida.

Workplace Medical Emergencies happen every day and The CPR School can prepare your staff for these medical emergencies.  Now more than ever, good training is essential in the security and public safety field.  We can no longer pop in a video or DVD and expect people to pay attention and really learn.  Quality learning involves two directional communication flowing back and forth between a full time instructor and the students. Our CPR, First Aid and AED classes are both educational and fun. Our philosophy is that learning should be fun. We feel that if you have fun, laugh and the CPR class is interesting you will enjoy yourself and will absorb and retain the material better. Another major difference, all of our instructors have actually performed CPR, First Aid and used AEDs on real people.  Many of our competitors instructors do not have real world CPR First Aid AED experience.  Many simply read about CPR and First Aid in a book. We believe real world experience makes for a better instructor and believe you will too.  All of our courses are designed to comply with current OSHA regulations.  We offer onsite group safety training classes at your location or if you just have a few people you can attend one of our group classes held at our Jupiter - Palm Beach County training classroom.


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